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Edexcel is the exam board that the school I teach at uses for GCSE Science (Combined and Separate) so it’s the one that I have the most experience dealing with.

The really important thing to say here is that Edexcel is the only privately owned (by Pearson) exam board in the UK. That means that for OCR, AQA or any other exam board, any revision guides available are by a different company than who actually writes the specification and exam.  Publishers, such as Hodder or CGP, are usually only ‘endorsed’ by the exam board.

For Edexcel, Pearson:

  1. write the specification on what can be assessed in the final exams
  2. write the textbooks you probably have in your classrooms
  3. produce worksheets and activities tailored just for this course
  4. have a online portal (you may use it at school – ActiveLearn) to help you learn
  5. write the real exams that you are sitting
  6. produce the revision books specifically for the exams they have written!

It’s quite a neat little package and safe to know that if you use all of their resources, there’s a good chance you’re going in the right direction!

The downside to Pearson having locked down the market, is only one other company produces revision resources for GCSEs (excluding IGCSE). So if you don’t like either of these companies’ styles, you’re a bit stuffed!

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