I recently had an idea about making a website to help answer the questions that I hear every year as a teacher -“how do I revise?”, “sir, do you have any ways I can revise better?”, “there’s so much to do, where do I start?”, and “what’s the best revision book to buy?”

I remember being at high school, back in the ’90s, and not being sure about how I should approach revision. I muddled through and in the end, it fell into place. But the good news is that things have moved on a long way since then! There are so many online resources, in many formats and, fingers crossed, you have a good set of teachers at your school to help you.

My aim is to provide a platform to support you with revising science. I am sure everyone will use it for different reasons. It could be a starting point for revision tips and tricks; complement what you’re currently doing; provide advice about resources (books/website/YouTube); or teach you something new.

So, why should you read what I’m writing, or follow my advice? Well, the simple answer is that I’m the Head of Science of an outstanding inner city London school and I know the challenges my kids face when it comes to revision and exams. If, like me, you’re slightly sceptical, you’ll want some empirical evidence. Last year, our Year 11 science results put my department in the top 5% of schools in the UK!

If there’s something you’d like to share, or leave a comment, please get in contact. There’ll be things you read on here that may not work for you, while others may be that golden nugget you’re looking for. At the end of the day, if you take away one thing from this website, no matter how small, it’s served its purpose.

Happy revising!